Luv-able + Hug-able 2


Come and see my stuff in the fleshy flesh!

Opening party: December 4, 6-9 pm

gallery hanahou / 611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC /

For the second year in a row, gallery hanahou is pleased to present
Luv-able and Hug-able, in infectiously affectionate plush show! The
2007 show had everyone from Time Out New York to Craft magazine
buzzing with plush-mania. There will be even more to love in the 2008

This year, the gallery is adding luv-able plushes by many new artists,
including eight specially introduced by Plush You
(, the annual plush show in Seattle hosted by
Schmancy. Like last year, gallery hanahou is also presenting plushes
by a selection of Japanese artists whose work is rarely seen outside
of Japan.

In addition, plushes by many of last year's participants are coming
back: one-of-a-kind work by Christina Gordon of JamFancy, Heidi Kenney
of My Paper Crane, Anna Chambers, Blythe Church, and many more!

Plushes will be available for purchase and immediate take-home at the
opening party on December 4, 6-9 pm. Come early to nab an armful, or
order from for your hug-able holiday gifts!

Participating artists

Anna Chambers + Anna Hrachovec + Betz White + Blythe Church +
Christina Gordon + Corinne Dean + Doinky Doodles + Eloole +
Girl Savage + Heide Murray + Heidi Kenney + Hello Brute +
Katie Park + Kup Kup Land + Lexi Franks + Lizette Greco +
Lynda Lye + Nicole Gastonguay + Weebco

From Japan!
Ayumi Sato/Junie Moon + The Ossu! Syugeibu + rei☆komurasaki +
IMAI SAYAKA + SPOOKS by Kobayashi Mayu + Yuko Hara + Yuriko Sera

Plush You Recommendations!
Ariana Marienelli + Coco Howard + Flying Star Toys by Florence
Forrest + Hansigurumi + Jenny Harada + Made By Moxie + Robyn
Fabsits + SOWA

Tinlark opening


Hey, looky.


For those of you who couldn't make it, here's what my little wall looked like at the Tinlark Gallery in Los Angeles.


The pickles got their own special pedestal, of course.


Me in front of Saelee Oh's super large, super pretty work. Her art was in the main room, and mine was off to the left.


Saelee painted lots of cute little bits all around the gallery. This was my favorite.


Actual giggling gallery-goers.


Beer, boys, and bobs.


Me and Wayne, my newest fan.


And that's that.



Happy, happy. Toys, toys. These Decole toys are from Japan. I have a few that I ordered from loloko here in the states. I always keep the Japanese page bookmarked for inspiration and smiles.