Super Size Me

Real art is big, right? Crocheting this large makes my muscles big, which is the only way I can be holding this.


I had a pretty rough week this week, but somehow looking at this puts everything into perspective.

Crackpot 2013

I'm Miss February in this lovely calendar put out by the fine people at Gestalten. Read more about it here. Available for purchase at many online booksellers.



Original photo by Mo Riza.

Original photo by Mo Riza.

I'm experimenting over on Tumblr right now. You can see photo-illustrations like this, or my futuristic animated GIFs.

Ed Emberley

Ed Emberley made a bunch of books that helped me learn how to draw when I was a wee girl. He's actually been a huge influence on many artists of my generation. Above is my version of a Zortian from the planet Zort. Ed's original is in the bottom right. You can learn to draw your own Zortian from the Big Green Drawing Book.

In fact, I know a little Oliver who drew a whole bunch of creatures from the planet Zort in the great year of 1979.



Thanks to everybody who came out to see my little gum ball machine while he lived
at Bold Hype Gallery for the past month. Please enjoy these behind the scenes process


Sewing on some eyeballs.


Contemplating his skeleton.


Getting fitted for his hat.


 That one's not for the squeamish.


Oh, so much work.

Juxtapoz Handmade

 So there's this new book at your local bookstore and/or your local internet. I don't want to give away the ending or anything, but if you open it up, it goes a little something like this:

Tangible: High Touch Visuals

Look! It's a book. Tangible presents graphic-inspired design, objects, and orchestrated spaces by exceptional young creatives that are producing striking visual and spatial work.

You want to see what happens when you open this book?


Doh! You can see more interior pages here. And then you can help the economy here.